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Pin Bike

Ride Green, Earn Rewards: Join the Pin Bike Movement!


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Pin Bike

Pin Bike aims to address three main challenges:

Mobility: The first objective is to encourage a modal shift towards active and conscious mobility among citizens, utilizing sustainable means of transportation.

Commerce: The second goal is to incentivize local commerce by involving local commercial activities. The vouchers provided through the Pin Bike app are intended to be spent exclusively in the city's commercial activities, thereby stimulating local economies.

Smart City: The third objective is to provide cities with an innovative dashboardThe dashboard collects all the data gathered by the platform and makes it accessible, this enables municipalities to extract valuable information and support data driven policies and investments.

Our approach

Pin Bike is a patented, anti-fraud system that plays a pivotal role in certifying sustainable urban movements, distinguishing itself in the promotion of sustainable mobility with its innovative approach and higher degree of security and reliability. At its core, Pin Bike uniquely integrates hardware and software control systems, which are essential in ensuring the authenticity of the data collected. This aspect of reliability is particularly vital for city urban planners, as it enables them to confidently release economic incentives for sustainable mobility.

The Pin Bike app tackles mobility habits through gamification, it is designed to be engaging and interactive. Users can easily record their travel sessions within the app, accessing various rewards and incentives. Additionally, the app offers a competitive element by allowing users to challenge the broader Pin Bike community, which includes local, national and international PinBikers. 

Pin Bike is established as a leader in the domain of sustainable urban mobility, with its notable achievements including:

- Trips Monitored: Pin Bike has tracked more than 3,5 million kilometers of travel.
- Euro Devolved: The system has awarded over 374.000 € in incentives.
- CO2 Saved: An impressive 560,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions have been saved due to the sustainable travel habits encouraged by Pin Bike.

These results highlight Pin Bike's effectiveness in promoting sustainable urban mobility. By successfully monitoring a significant number of kilometers, allocating a substantial amount of economic incentives, and making a notable impact on reducing carbon emissions, Pin Bike demonstrates its leadership in the sector.

Beyond its three main objectives, Pin Bike's approach to promoting sustainable mobility is distinguished by its innovative application of gamification. This aspect of Pin Bike's system adds a competitive and engaging layer to sustainable urban travel. Users are motivated through challenges, rewards, and a points-based system, which makes the transition to sustainable mobility not just beneficial but also enjoyable. This gamification aspect ensures high user engagement and contributes to changing travel behaviors more effectively compared to traditional methods.

Additionally, the integration of Pin Bike's technology into various urban contexts, from small towns to large metropolitan areas, demonstrates its versatility and adaptability. This adaptability is crucial for widespread implementation and success in encouraging sustainable travel behaviors across different demographic and geographic areas.

Who benefits from our solution

Municipalities and municipal enterprises benefit from Pin Bike in several key ways:

Data-Driven Urban Planning: Pin Bike provides municipalities with accurate and reliable data on urban mobility patterns. This data is crucial for effective urban planning, allowing city planners to make informed decisions about traffic management, infrastructure development, and public transportation needs.

Economic Incentives for Sustainable Mobility: Municipalities can utilize Pin Bike to encourage sustainable transportation among citizens. By offering economic incentives for using sustainable modes of transport like personal bikes, shared micromobility devices, car-pooling and public transport, municipalities can reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact.

Supporting Local Commerce: Pin Bike's integration with local commerce, through the use of vouchers spendable in local businesses, helps stimulate the local economy. This approach encourages citizens to shop locally, benefiting small businesses and strengthening the community's economic fabric.

Promoting Public Health and Environmental Sustainability: By incentivizing sustainable transport modes, Pin Bike contributes to reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. This shift not only improves air quality but also promotes public health through increased physical activity.

Enhancing Community Engagement: Pin Bike’s gamification aspect increases community engagement. It transforms sustainable travel into a more enjoyable and competitive experience, fostering a sense of community among participants.

Customizable and Adaptable Solutions: Pin Bike’s system can be tailored to the specific needs of different municipalities, corporations or school institutions, making it a versatile tool for various urban settings.

Improved Traffic and Urban Space Planning: The data provided by Pin Bike can help in efficiently planning and utilizing urban spaces, leading to better traffic flow and more user-friendly urban environments.

Overall, Pin Bike offers a comprehensive solution for municipalities and municipal enterprises to promote sustainable mobility, support local economies, and enhance urban living through innovative and data-driven strategies.

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