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From theory to practice: Here you will find projects that have already been implemented as well as projects that DKSR is currently working on - including necessary data and, if available, source codes of implementations.

KDW - Conception of a municipal data works

How the easy & secure transfer of (partially) restrictive data between different organizations is enabled through the development of an intra- and inter-communal platform for data exchange:

Mönchengladbach - Monitoring e-parking

Where can I find the nearest free e-charging station? In Mönchengladbach, the search for a parking space is made easier by displaying free charging stations via a dashboard.

ASCEND research project clean energy districts

DKSR participates in the European ASCEND project by implementing a reference model for local energy communities and providing the infrastructure to monitor project KPIs.

Freiburg - Live traffic visualization

The visualization of traffic in Freiburg allows both live monitoring and the conduct of analyses for data-based urban planning:

Mainz - Improve e-parking

How to analyze and improve the utilization of e-charging stations within the city: an example of implementation from the city of Mainz.

Shared Mobility Dashboard for Cologne

Useful visualizations: How can mobility data from different areas be combined to find new solutions for urban traffic?
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