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Don't stand alone: Here you will find articles on challenges and tasks that many municipalities are currently facing - including links to possible (joint) solutions as well as corresponding data and applications.

Organize (waste) water management more efficiently

Water scarcity and poor wastewater quality are an increasing burden for municipalities. Various data-based methods can provide relief:

Encourage citizen participation

In municipal contexts in particular, participation processes can have many positive effects. With smart digital processes, residents can be involved and informed:

Regulating temperature in the city

High heat in urban areas is becoming an increasing burden due to warmer summers and urban development. Data-based solutions can help cool things down:

Reduce air pollution levels

Elevated concentrations of pollutants in the air threaten both the environment and public health. How municipalities can address the problem in a data-based way:

Protect against forest fires

In many regions, wildfires pose a growing threat to the natural and urban ecosystem, as well as to the lives and health of residents. Various data-based measures can help protect against fires:

Organizing winter services efficiently

Snowfall and icy roads pose new challenges for cities and communities every year. But smart technologies can help make the city a usable space for everyone, even in winter.

Reducing energy consumption

Reducing municipal energy consumption helps cities and municipalities to reduce emissions and achieve environmental goals as well as save money. Various data-driven solutions help to achieve this goal

Smart infrastructure expansion for micromobility

Bicycles and e-scooters enable low-emission, private mobility within the city. However, this mobility requires a coordinated network of infrastructure...

Protection against floods

Climate change is increasing the risk of flooding. Municipalities need to act urgently. How can data-based solutions help?

Regulating Shared Micromobility Programs

Shared micromobility could revolutionize road transportation. However, common frameworks for its support and maintenance are often lacking. What can municipalities do?

Watering Green Spaces Efficiently

Data-based solutions for tree irrigation offer the opportunity to use water efficiently and sparingly. This is becoming increasingly important, especially given the changing climate.

How to Manage Parking

Cars dominate the streets and occupy a disproportionate amount of space, particularly when parked. Urban data can help use public space more efficiently. The question is how.

Establish Municipal Climate Protection Management…

Strategic management of climate protection measures is one of the greatest current challenges for municipalities. How can it best be managed?
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