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Data Fiduciairy

Data fiduciaries are "neutral intermediaries between data providers and data users" (see Bundesdruckerei). As the importance of data increases, so does its significance as a resource worthy of protection. Data providers expect their data and identity to be protected, data users want to convey to data providers that the data they use is secure so that data is entrusted to them. Both parties therefore have an interest in ensuring that the data is stored and processed properly and securely. Compliance with the EU's GDPR and the principle of data sovereignty are particularly important here

Data trustees can take care of the security of the data, secure data access and access, as well as carry out certain processes that are coordinated with data providers and users (e.g. anonymization, clustering, filtering). In this way, they can ensure trust and data sovereignty. With the Urban Data Platform, DKSR provides a data trustee platform, whereby urban data can be processed for further use. 

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