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A data source is a place from which data is obtained. This can either be a place where the data originated or where data is stored.  

In municipalities and municipal enterprises there are often a large number of different data sources over which those responsible can easily lose the overview, especially if no data strategy exists. As part of its consulting services, DKSR offers to help municipalities get an overview of their data sources. 

With the help of these data sources, many different challenges of cities and regions can be addressed via the DKSR platform. In addition, missing data sources can be identified and in some cases connected directly via the DKSR platform. Often, products that want to serve the same solution use the same data sources. 

The "Gieß den Kiez" realization for the watering of street trees in Berlin, for example, uses the tree register, weather data from the DWD and map data from Open Street Maps as data sources.  

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