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DKSR Forum
DKSR Forum

Collaboration happens here

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Co-creation and inter-municipal cooperation is lived here. Share and expand your knowledge and experience in the field of data-based solutions for municipalities.   

Digitization doesn't end at the city limits for you? Exactly. Join the discussion and exchange ideas. Everyone is invited - whether you are a city, a municipal company, a scientist or a provider from the private sector. If a city or municipal company is facing problems, it can publish them here and brainstorm solutions together with companies. 

Challenge accepted!

Are you facing urgent challenges as a municipality, subsidiary or region? Do you want to make the living space of your citizens more sustainable and smarter? You are not alone in this task - but you need the right place for an exchange: Welcome to the "Challenges" forum.

Sharing experiences and learning from each other: With us, municipalities and municipal enterprises find an open and at the same time protected space to get into conversation and learn from each other. Learn more.

Your urban data topics

And everything else? Has its place here. As a municipality and municipal company, you can discuss further here. Because there is a lot to report and learn about urban data.

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Some areas of Square are restricted to access by registered guests. You want to join the forum? Log in or register!

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