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The Solution
The Solution

Citizen Irrigation App


Citizen Irrigation App

Citizens can take on a symbolic sponsorship for trees and actively participate in the watering of urban trees using mobile apps. An app tells them how to water the tree. Linked with other sensors, such as weather and soil sensors, more precise analyses of the soil's absorption capacity can be taken into account. With the help of sensor data, the idea of "tree sponsorship" can thus be further developed. This will optimize irrigation in a decentralized, resource-saving manner. Open-source approaches already exist for this solution, which can be implemented very cost-effectively for cities. 

Sustainability check: How does a citizen irrigation app help?

  • Irrigation and emergency irrigation budget savings.
  • Particularly useful if the project is integrated into a long-term irrigation strategy.
  • Active role of the population: local residents are sensibilized and involved.
  • In extreme weather conditions, citizens can also assist with irrigation on a short-term basis, to relieve the burden on the municipal utilities tasked with irrigation runs.
  • Raising awareness of the issue of tree watering generally promotes "greener" behavior on the part of citizens.

Approaches: What is needed for a Citizen Irrigation App?

  • Digital tree cadastre
  • Evaluation of trees to be watered
  • Data on publicly accessible wells, pumps or other water sources
  • Supplementary data, e.g., from green space offices or precise information about the trees, can further improve the service
  • Existing tree sponsorships should be incorporated into the app
  • The app needs to be designed in a user-friendly way
  • Aktualisierung der App bedeutet Wartungsaufwand.
  • App updates also require future maintenance
  • High level of awareness of the project needed to be truly supportive
  • Consideration of initial investment and ongoing project and maintenance costs
  • Possible integration into an existing city app for citizens

Our Raiting:

Citizen participation apps for tree watering have already been implemented in several German cities and actively involve residents in the preservation of urban green spaces. Gamification approaches can be used to raise awareness of environmental issues in a playful way. In general, an irrigation app can increase the sense of responsibility for the immediate urban environment. A corresponding communication campaign also ensures broad public awareness. To guarantee users an attractive interface, the app should be updated regularly.

Which SDGS are addressed?

In order to create globally sustainable structures, the member states of the United Nations have set themselves 17 goals by 2030, which are set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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