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Establish Municipal Climate Protection Management

Urban Planning

Establish Municipal Climate Protection Management

The fact that climate change mitigation is also a municipal task has been clear since at least the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. The impact-oriented, strategic management of municipal climate goals is therefore a challenge that must be overcome at the local level. Municipal administrations make decisions about strategies, measures and investments that have an impact on the climate. In order to better implement effective measures, (e.g. with the help of integrated climate change mitigation policies) robust, aggregated data is necessary.

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With the help of digital solutions and sensor technology, for example, analyses of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the city can be created, evaluated, and used to derive policy measure. Data-based future scenarios, visualizations and dashboards also help to better understand complex interrelationships and translate them into impact-oriented management.   

Strategic management of climate protection measures is one of the greatest current challenges for municipalities. How can it best be managed?


  • A sufficient level of recognition of the importance of data in the municipality.
  • Investment in infrastructure, e.g. sensors, necessary.
  • Conscientious management personnel as well as climate protection managers.
  • Cross-cutting issue: the entire administration is responsible for reaching climate goals.


  • Informed decisions through data.
  • Identification of potential ways to save resources (water, electricity, etc.).
  • Linking with existing strategic instruments such as climate protection concept, climate protection managers, etc.
  • Strategic goals backed up by concrete and measurable measures.
  • Ability to react to specific local circumstances, and thus achieve maximum results.
  • Using data visualizations to make climate change mitigation tangible and transparent.
  • Various funding opportunities via the German Federal Ministry for Environment and its Competency centres.


SDG dashboard

Flood hazard map

Early warning systems for flood events

Smart Lighting

Smart Meter

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Open Weather Map API

Air quality data from Breeze Technologies

Air quality data Hawa Dawa


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Which SDGS are addressed?

In order to create globally sustainable structures, the member states of the United Nations have set themselves 17 goals by 2030, which are set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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In the Open Urban Data Community, municipal actors can network with each other, engage in conversation, and work together on implementations. Benefit from the cost-free formats for the community!

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